Dorcas brings a wide array of professional experience in Asia, Africa, and the US across the NGO, social enterprise, private, and public sectors. She writes corporate copy with heart and compelling insight, creating articles, newsletters, press releases, marketing collateral, case studies, and websites that people love to read. Her past experiences as a communications director and editorial director have equipped her to provide thoughtful, creative strategic ideas.

She also offers her extensive editorial expertise to independent writers and publications. For more than a decade, she has worked with fiction and nonfiction writers to strengthen their articles, essays, short stories, and book manuscripts.

Dorcas brings an unparalleled professionalism and excellence to all that she does. She enjoys collaborating closely with clients to understand their needs in order to best enhance their messages and stories.

Testimonials from previous clients:

"Dorcas is a fantastic writer who really understands her audience and adapts her writing style accordingly. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with - professional, always meets her deadlines, communicative, and just a lovely person!"

Sehar Neky, executive recruiter, Kenyans Come Home

"Dorcas demonstrated herself as an exceptionally talented writer, and helped d.light source, apply to, and manage the reporting for multiple grants and awards. Her efforts resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants, and was responsible for generating vital positive PR and awareness which helped propel our international business... I would hire or work with Dorcas again in a flash, especially if you need an exceptionally smart, discerning, goal-oriented, and flexible partner to build out a new program, or take your existing work to new heights."

Sam Goldman, president, d.light

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"Dorcas possesses both vision and the know how to execute a variety of projects. Her hard work ethic, clear communication skills and excellent editorial skills make her one of the best editors I know in the field."

Michelle Reyes, vice president, Asian American Christian Collaborative

"Dorcas was a complete God-send, taking my book manuscript to the next level in so many ways. As a first-time author, she provided me with the guidance I needed, and somehow found ways to offer edits to my work while still maintaining my voice and style. She not only edited the work, she helped me manage the manuscript process with grace, agility and professionalism. I will be returning to Dorcas for writing projects in the future."

Chris Bruno, author and founder of Restoration Counseling Center