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Social Justice for the
Sensitive Soul

How to Change the World in Quiet Ways

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Named a "New & Noteworthy" book for 2023 by Christianity Today

Social justice work, we often assume, is raised voices and raised fists. It requires leading, advocating, fighting, and organizing wherever it is required. But what does social justice work look like for those of us who don't feel comfortable battling in the trenches?

Sensitive souls--including the highly sensitive, empathic, and introverted--have much to contribute to bringing about a more just and equitable world. Such individuals are wise, thoughtful, and conscientious; they feel more deeply and see things that others don't. Yet, sustaining justice work can be particularly challenging for the sensitive, and it requires a deep level of self-awareness, intentionality, and care.

Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul expands the possibilities of how to have a positive social impact, affirming the particular gifts and talents that sensitive souls offer to a hurting world. Alongside inspiring, real-life examples of highly sensitive world-changers, this book explores pathways where our quieter but equally passionate collaborators for social good can serve and thrive.

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Let There d.light

How One Social Enterprise Brought Solar Products to 100 Million People

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In 2004, in a village in Benin, West Africa, an eleven-year-old boy was badly burned in a kerosene accident. Peace Corps volunteer Sam Goldman, who lived near the boy’s family, was horrified. Kerosene lanterns were dim, dangerous, and expensive sources of light. How was it possible that, in the twenty-first century, 1.6 billion people still did not have access to electricity?


Sam’s search for a solution drove him to business school at Stanford University, where he met Ned Tozun, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and three engineers. Their class project became d.light, a for-profit social enterprise that has provided quality, affordable solar solutions to 100 million off-grid people around the world.


Let There d.light traces the unlikely, unpredictable journey to build one of the world’s most successful social enterprises. This unflinchingly honest account of the d.light team’s failures and successes will fundamentally shift the conversation about whether socially minded businesses can work—to how they can transform the world.

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Start, Love, Repeat

How to Stay in Love with Your Entrepreneur in a Crazy Start-up World

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A prescriptive guide to how to keep your relationship strong when there's a start-up in the family.

The idea of starting your own business is exhilarating and inspiring. It's one over 30 million Americans pursue. But being the significant other of an entrepreneur is not so glamorous. Boundaries between work and home disappear. Personal savings and business funds become intertwined. 

But there are strategies you can use to combat all this stress and uncertainty. Whether you're new to the start-up world, or a long-term entrepreneurial partner, Start, Love, Repeat will help you understand exactly how a start-up affects your lives-and what you can do to build a happy and healthy relationship in the midst of the madness. 

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